Sunday, August 14, 2011

Boo to me :(

So I'm officially the worst blogger ever :( I failed at one new blog a week, I have no idea how the daily bloggers do it. I guess I'm too boring to have a good blog lol.
Well summer is almost over and we've had some awesome adventures and still have more to come! I'm trying to use my blackberry to blog today. So hopefully it will work and I'll be able to put pictures up!
It is August 22 so I'll try to recap some of what we've done so far!
We went on a mini vacation to Toronto! We started out having a play date with some of my birth group mama's and their little ones, which was a blast!
We stayed the night in the Delta Toronto East hotel (well two nights actually) Mister M loves it there, they have two pools and everything!We went to the Toronto zoo for the second time this summer. Spent a lot more time playing at the splash pad and in the kids zoo than we did looking at the animals but it was loads of fun.We made sure to stop by stingray bay to touch the stingrays and D-Man loved it so much he started to cry every time we tried to leave, so we ended up staying for 20 minutes longer than planned to keep him happy. It was so cute to see him splashing around with all of them.The last day of our trip was Carribanna. We went to the parade for a little while but didn't really stay long. Everyone was tired, and I'd like to wait until D-Man is a bit older before we go back, it was so busy we didn't enjoy ourselves all that much. He went crazy for the steel drums though, danced like a mad man!Mister M is getting an adult molar which he is pretty proud of, and he's going through a growth spurt, so all of his new summer stuff I got him at the start doesn't fit him anymore, and he's almost as tall as me! It's crazy how big they get. D-Man is a walking fool! He's walking everywhere and doesn't want to be carried as much, he just wants to explore everything on his own.

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