Friday, March 18, 2011

Food... Mmmmm

We love food! Face it, my heritage is Italian, French and Irish… all people who love food. I’m not the biggest fan of cooking, I do it, and I’m okay at it, but I love eating!
Mister M is a wonderful eater, loves to try new things, and even try things that he didn’t like before. He eats a much bigger variety of foods than I do, and loves them! I’m so glad. He also loves to help me cook and bake.

D-Man isn’t a “foodie”, he won’t eat, all he wants to do is nurse. I’ve made fruits, vegetables, cereals, meats you name it and he doesn’t like them. I’m at a loss of what to do, my Dr says that he’s fine (almost 20lbs of beautiful boy) and that he’ll eat with time, but I’m ready now lol.

The other day we went to have our pictures taken. D-Man for his 6 month old shots, and I wanted to get some good ones of us as a family, and maybe even one of Mister M. They look awesome, and like I’ve said in a previous post I should have them by the 29th so I’ll post them as soon as I can.
Now to get pictures taken it involves some team work. So I bribed my dad and my brother to come along to help get the boys smiling and such for the camera (and to use my dad’s van instead of a bus). It went well and we got a few nice shots! As part of the bribe I took us all out to lunch after. We went out for sushi, which we all like.
At the restaurant Mister M ordered a bowl of Miso soup, and couldn’t finish it. So I thought, what the hell, and gave D-Man some to see if he liked it……….. He loved it!!! Opened his mouth for more, and ate a whole teaspoon full at one go. It was awesome. Luckily I got some cute pictures.
Hopefully this is the start of something wonderful!

Oh and on the food note, I’ve lost 5lbs!!! And since I’m as bad at Weight Watchers as I am at blogging, baby booking, etcetera I’m pretty proud. It helps that its finally starting to get nice here, so we can get out of the house more too. Hopefully come Spring I’ll be able to get out for a few hours of exercise a day and really lose the pounds! Wish me luck.

Thursday, March 17, 2011


As promised, here are some pictures of my current scrapbook pages. The names have been blocked for privacy, but you get the idea. Also the bath one is still being worked on, I just have to get my butt to the store to get the items I need to finish it. I'm pretty proud of them, the ultrasound one was my first attempt before I committed to purchasing a lot of stuff so it's pretty ghetto compared to the others but I still like it! I apologize for the quality of the photos, my sister "borrowed" my camera so I only had my blackberry to take the pictures with. But you can at least see what they look like!

♥My Boys♥

I've got some pretty great kids. They have their bad moments but for the most part they're awesome.
Mister M is so sweet, sensitive and caring. He loves with a passion, doesn't judge others, and makes friends where ever he goes. He's just a great kid, and he's one of the best big brothers I've ever seen.

He's got his "evil" side too. Loves to play with swords, and pretend to be magic. Dragons are one of his favourite things, and he loves his video games (Lego Batman, Star wars and Indiana Jones). He's learning how to read (he's stubborn so it's taking a bit longer than I thought it would) and he's getting better at typing, singing, writing and drawing. He's smart, witty, funny and quick, its so much fun to be around him and watch him grow. He's also quite a gentleman, holds doors open for ladies, waits at school with a friend of his so she won't be alone until her dad comes because "that's what gentlemans do Mama, they help girls out".
He's just such a good guy, and he's growing up into quite a nice boy. I'm so proud of him, and I try to let him know that as often as I can. I make sure to tell him I love him at least once a day, which my parents never did with me. And I give him hugs and kisses, even if he thinks he's too old for them.

D-Man is hilarious, he's ticklish and loves to snuggle. He's a real Mama's boy right now. Loves to watch other people as long as I'm holding him. Isn't really a huge smilier, would much rather look around and take everything in, but when he does it's gorgeous. He's growing so much, can sit on his own, scoot backwards across the room, roll over if he needs too. He's got into the habit of screaming like he's being tortured whenever he drops something he wants to play with, which is a little annoying but I know he'll grow out of it.
He loves his swimming lessons, kicks and splashes in the water like he was born there. He's got these amazing, huge brown eyes that would just melt any ones heart. Long beautiful eyelashes, chubby cheeks, super chunky thighs and curly hair.

That's something that I was worried about, his biological father is Jamaican with nappy hair, and as you well know, I'm white with straight/wavyish hair. I do not know how to take care of the super tight curls, but so far they seem to just be curly not kinky, so I'm good with that. (To be completely honest I'm jealous, I always wanted curly hair and never had it, perms didn't even work when I was little).
He's such a great baby and I love watching him grow, and develop everyday!

I'm so lucky that I've got two adorable, healthy, funny, smart boys. I wouldn't change a thing♥

This and that

So not only am I a terrible baby booker, I'm a terrible blogger too.
I have tons of ideas, and I never take the time to type them up. Here's an update.
D-Man has his bottom teeth, he's developing quite a temper and also quite a happy personality. Mister M is going through a stubborn stage at the moment, he wants to push me to the limit all the time, not brushing his teeth when asked, no bedtime for him, stuff like that. He's a good kid most of the time, but I guess they have to assert their independence sometimes.
He keeps asking if we can get a dog. I know he'd love one, and take good care of one, I just don't think we have the time it takes for a dog. I'll be back in school full time come September, and I'll be working part time. Mister M will be in full day Grade 1, and D-Man will be in daycare. That would leave the dog alone all day long, and that just isn't fair. Also I don't know the first thing about training or caring for dogs. I've always had cats, we have one now, and she pretty much takes care of herself. Mister M loves her, and she loves him.
D-Man has started noticing her and wants to grab at her, she'll let him up to a point but when she's had enough she'll walk away. I think that's wonderful since she isn't de-clawed.
It's March break currently here, and we've been busy. D-Man and I started swimming lessons, Mister M has swimming twice a week, dance class, t-ball and art class. And we've gone out for lunch a few times, had a photo shoot (pictures to come at the end of the month) and did some fun toy shopping. I also turned 23 on the 8th. Mister M and my parents went together to get me some beautiful earrings that I love!
(Terrible picture, I'll take a nicer one once I can) Unfortunately they are studs, so I've taken them in to a local jeweller and I'm having them make them into hook back earrings, that was if D-Man yanks them they'll come out instead of ripping my ears, (and I hate studs, but don't tell anyone).
My scrapbooking is going really well!!!!! I've got two albums, with 20 pages each to do for the first year in each boys life. I've got 8 pages done in Mister M's, I haven't started D-Mans but I'll get to it after I'm done Mister M's. I still haven't taken pictures of them but I'll try to do that this week.