Thursday, March 17, 2011

♥My Boys♥

I've got some pretty great kids. They have their bad moments but for the most part they're awesome.
Mister M is so sweet, sensitive and caring. He loves with a passion, doesn't judge others, and makes friends where ever he goes. He's just a great kid, and he's one of the best big brothers I've ever seen.

He's got his "evil" side too. Loves to play with swords, and pretend to be magic. Dragons are one of his favourite things, and he loves his video games (Lego Batman, Star wars and Indiana Jones). He's learning how to read (he's stubborn so it's taking a bit longer than I thought it would) and he's getting better at typing, singing, writing and drawing. He's smart, witty, funny and quick, its so much fun to be around him and watch him grow. He's also quite a gentleman, holds doors open for ladies, waits at school with a friend of his so she won't be alone until her dad comes because "that's what gentlemans do Mama, they help girls out".
He's just such a good guy, and he's growing up into quite a nice boy. I'm so proud of him, and I try to let him know that as often as I can. I make sure to tell him I love him at least once a day, which my parents never did with me. And I give him hugs and kisses, even if he thinks he's too old for them.

D-Man is hilarious, he's ticklish and loves to snuggle. He's a real Mama's boy right now. Loves to watch other people as long as I'm holding him. Isn't really a huge smilier, would much rather look around and take everything in, but when he does it's gorgeous. He's growing so much, can sit on his own, scoot backwards across the room, roll over if he needs too. He's got into the habit of screaming like he's being tortured whenever he drops something he wants to play with, which is a little annoying but I know he'll grow out of it.
He loves his swimming lessons, kicks and splashes in the water like he was born there. He's got these amazing, huge brown eyes that would just melt any ones heart. Long beautiful eyelashes, chubby cheeks, super chunky thighs and curly hair.

That's something that I was worried about, his biological father is Jamaican with nappy hair, and as you well know, I'm white with straight/wavyish hair. I do not know how to take care of the super tight curls, but so far they seem to just be curly not kinky, so I'm good with that. (To be completely honest I'm jealous, I always wanted curly hair and never had it, perms didn't even work when I was little).
He's such a great baby and I love watching him grow, and develop everyday!

I'm so lucky that I've got two adorable, healthy, funny, smart boys. I wouldn't change a thing♥

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