Friday, November 11, 2011

Halloween, School and Placement

Well my attempts to blog more during reading week were a bust. On the plus side, I almost got caught up with laundry and sorting out old clothes that don't fit, I scraped wallpaper and painted a bathroom, and I did my assignments, homework and studied. So it's not that bad.I took the boys out for Halloween trick-or-treating this year, they both had a ton of fun! I even dressed up too. Mister M was a scary vampire, D-Man was froda... Yoda with a 'fro, and I was a witch. They got tons of candy!I've been back at school for two weeks now, and started my new placement. I'm at a long term care facility, and so far so good. I'm on the locked ward where all the dementia patients are, and I like being able to help them, but it's so unbelievably sad. I want to cry everyday when I leave. They're scared, confused, want to go home, don't know who they are or even when they are. I talked to one little lady who was telling me all about how she needs to find her keys so she can go home and take care of her mother, who's been dead for 20+ years. Another is scared of everyone in uniform and begs to be allowed to leave. Some are really sweet though, tell you they love you and give hugs and kisses. Some are crabby and hit and slap, fight you when they don't like what you're doing. It's just sad. I think dementia is the absolute worst disease you can get. When you get that old, everyone you know is either gone or going and all you have left are your memories, and they're stolen from you along with your freedom and your mobility. It's the absolute definition of unfair.
Mister M will be 6 years old soon! I've got all his presents ready, his party booked and his birthday dinners scheduled. He's one spoiled big boy that's for sure!
I've got tons of assignments and tests coming up so I'm not expecting to be able to get on to blog all that much, I'm going to try though, so hopefully I'll have a few more before the end of the month!