Monday, August 22, 2011

August Recap Part Two

So when I last posted I had told you all about the Toronto trip. So after that we were back home.The local Exhibition came to town and I took the boys and we went twice! The first time was with my sister Aunty G and the second time was with my friend JDud and her niece K. Mister M had an absolute blast! He went on pretty much every single ride. D-Man even went on a couple!
We played games, and ate cotton candy and pogo's and had milkshakes! D-Man is addicted to milkshakes, it's crazy he'll drink a whole one if I'd let him.It was so cute seeing Mister M with his new friend K. They hadn't met before and both were a little unsure of the other at the start. But it took about 3 minutes for them to warm up, and then they were like the best of friends. Riding every ride together, and racing ahead of everyone to get on the rides by themselves.Because the Ex was put on by the local Agricultural Society there was a petting zoo, and lots of farm animals. The boys got to pet and feed goats, donkeys, sheep, lamas, pony's, chickens, geese, dogs and some cooler animals like emu's and a porcupine! They loved it!This was my first time taking them, and I'm so glad we went! We'll be back next year for sure!!

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