Monday, August 22, 2011

August Recap Part Four

So I've finally been to Ottawa.
I've never been before and was always curious. My family and I (most of it at least, my mom and one of my sisters didn't come) all went to Ottawa on the 20th to see the Caravaggio Exhibit at the National Gallery of Canada.Anyone who knows me in real life knows why this is such a big deal, but lets just say he's a painter whos very near and dear to our hearts.
We had a wonderful time, lunch and Mambo, where we ate outside and the rain was nice enough to hold off until we had just finished before it poored down on us.The boys had lots of fun running around outside under the giant spider sculpture with their Papa (my dad)The paintings themselves were amazing to behold. Mister M got a headset that explained each one, and we spend a long time learning about them. He kept impressing people, because he'd stand there and really listen and look and enjoy. D-Man liked the headset too... but just for the buttons lol.The paintings were so inspiring that Mister M even drew a picture.And yes it's hung on the wall of the National Gallery of Canada...who would expect less from my talented boy!It was a long busy day but we had a blast! We'll make sure to go back and explore Ottawa again soon!

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