Thursday, May 26, 2011

Photo Shoot!!!

Finally finally finally we got our photo shoot at the U of T campus done! It was postponed three times due to rain and fog. It was awesome. Deanna was amazing, she got super great pictures from both of the boys. And she brought her son and husband along and Mister M got to play with her little boy and have a blast!
I'm still waiting for the final proofs to be finished, but she's given me some sneak previews and from what I can see so far they're awesome!
I'll post my top three favourites so far on here for you all to see too!

Also in the news... I've saved up enough to get a new car!!! Well, new to me at least lol. Now all I need to do is get a million times better at driving so I can at least test drive the sucker, and I'm set. I've got my G2 test scheduled for Sept 1, and I can not fail it. Wish me luck.

Poor Mister M has been so sick, last night he was up puking. He threw up 5 times over the course of one night. And missed the bucket each time :( today he was feeling a bit better, but since he willingly put himself down for a nap with his brother he's still not 100%. He's missed so much school this year, he's been sick all the time. I'm not sure why though, and it sucks. We're going to the Dr's tomorrow for a check-up and hopefully he'll be able to figure something out. I believe it's his tonsils causing all the issues. I had to have mine removed when I was 7 because I was always sick, had horrible ear infections. Once they were out I was way better. I don't want him to need surgery, but if it will help him than I'm all for it.

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