Tuesday, May 17, 2011

No sunshine and no internet makes mama...something...something...

Argh!!!! We've had no Internet here for over a week now. I have my phone, but that doesn't work well for blogging (as I'm just figuring out). I'm currently waiting for the Cogeco guy to appear sometime between 8am and 5pm. They called at 10am and said that the guy was in the area and should be here soon... Its now 1pm and it's just been fixed, the guy was here for over an hour.
I missed my Internet :( I couldn't chat on kidcrawl.com, I couldn't upload pictures to my August 2010 Birth Group on Facebook. It took forever to replay to posts on babysteals, babyheist and The Leaky B@@b. It was like living in the stone ages of the early to mid 90's lol.

Well, on to updates! Mister M is so sick right now, he's partially lost his voice so he sounds so funny. He feels like crap though and his attitude is rotten. Poor D-Man is sick again too, he's on antibiotics yet again, but this time I don't think they're working. They've made him super pukey and miserable. So I've got two little men who are sick, cranky, needy and fussy at the moment. Its not much fun for anyone.

We went to the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) this past Saturday. It was D-Mans first time there, and Mister M's 4th. They loved it! D-Man was in the ERGO carrier all day with hardly any fussing, he could look around at all the exhibits, and people with no problem. And its a million times easier than carting a stroller around on the G0 bus, GO train, subway ect. Mister M had a blast! We went through the entire museum, spent about an hour going through the bat cave over and over. Played in the kid section, dug for dinosaur bones, looked at dinosaur fossils, dressed up like knights and bugs. We had lunch in the Food Studio (2 pizzas, 2 rocky road brownies, 2 vanilla yogurts, a cookie, milk and diet Pepsi for 28 freaking dollars). Mister M had his own money so he was able to get a few toys in the gift shops for himself. Also it was pouring rain, so we bought a $10 umbrella lol. We had street meat (hot dogs) for dinner sitting outside the museum (in a covered spot out of the rain), and witnessed a car accident, it was pretty crazy. Everyone was okay though. It was a good day.

A side note. On our way there and back on the GO bus there was an older man with a guitar. The way there he sat near us with some trepidation (a child and a baby?!?! Might be an awful trip), but on the way back he sat near us on purpose. The bus left for home around 8pm so D-Man was getting fussy. I nursed him a few times to keep him happy and the man noticed. He didn't talk to us at all, just dozed in his seat. But when we got back to town, and got off the bus he came over to me and said that I was a great mom, and my boys were very well behaved. It made my day :)

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