Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Time of year

I'm of two minds when it comes to this time of year.
I love it! I love getting the presents, picking out things that I know people want and will love. I love seeing my sons face when he opens his gifts and gets exactly what he wants (and that took me hours of shopping to find). I love watching the baby stare at the lights on the tree and the presents, knowing that next year he'll be old enough to get excited for it all. I love the anticipation, up until Christmas morning, for everything to happen. I like the huge Christmas dinner that everyone is there for (never done on Christmas day though, usually boxing day). I like going out shopping on boxing day, since I've never been to the States for black friday, this is as close as I'll get lol. All that fun stuff.

I don't like the greed though. The stupid ignorant old people who get right in the middle of the asile at the store and stop because they think they own the world. (Anyone who says the younger generation have no manners needs to live in a town where the majority is over 65 and they'll quickly see who's worse). I don't like fact that theres always something the wrecks Christmas morning, someone is sick, or someone is out of it, or someone is cranky... suck it up people (I know being sick can't be helped but still). I really don't like the fact that once 11am rolls around, we're done everything and there's nothing to do. My family goes to a movie christmas day, but I'll be at home with D-man because at 4 months he's much too little to see Tron lol.

Another thing I don't like, and this is just for this year, is how freaking hard it is to find a big stuffed elephant. You would think, since you can find Tigers, Bears, Dogs, Cows, Pigs ect in big stuffed form that an elephant would be easy.
Mister M wanted an elephant like he got last year and lost. I looked in tons and tons of stores, both where I live and in Toronto, and I couldn't find anything. Finally I found one online, for a reasonable price and it's pretty awesome looking. But even that took 3 solid hours of searching. Three hours sitting on the computer trying to find an elephant (I did end up ordering a couple other neat things online though, but thats not the point). I didn't think it would get here in time though, I ordered it on Dec 2, the place took the money from my credit card on Dec 3, and then didn't ship it out until the 17th. It was coming from the states, and got held up at customs, so I had to call the company, call UPS and call customs to finally track it down. It got delivered yesterday, I'm just so happy it got here.

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