Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Mia Famiglia

Well this is my first blog (that I've ever bothered to finish writing at least). So I figured I'd give some information on me, my boys, who we are, what we do... the works.

I'm L, 22 years old, at the moment I'm a full time mom, part time student and thinking of trying to start my baking business back up. I've been a single mom since I was 17, but luckily I have a big family and lots of support so it hasn't been that hard. I read a lot, I sing fairly well, I don't have anywhere near as much patience as I need but I'm trying. I'm okay with being single, sometimes I wonder if I'll ever meet someone, but since I'm not willing to settle it might never happen and I'm okay with that. I love my boys like crazy, I have a few close friends, tons of acquaintances and I'm pretty close with my family. I'm white... lol glow in the dark white (Italian, French and Irish background), with blue eyes and nutmeg brown hair that's pretty long. I'm 5'8" and could stand to tone up, I don't need to lose much weight luckily but I'm not in awesome shape (actually started going to the gym after my little one was born so we'll see how that goes).

Mister M is my oldest son, he's 5 years old, in French Immersion SK, loves to swim, dance, sing, fight in imaginary battles, and pratcise his martial arts. He's a sweet loving boy, can be a bit over sensitive at times but I'd rather that than no feelings at all. He loves his brother and his cat Tootsie, and he's wonderful with them. He makes me so proud to see what a man he's becoming. He looks a lot like me but his background is pretty diverse, he's part Italian, French, Irish and Ojibway.

D-man is my baby, he's almost 4 months old and he's adorable. He was colicky at first, he's almost over it now, still gets fussy at night but nothing like he used to be. He's a very loud talky baby. He just started to laugh recently, and his favourite thing in the world is to watch his brother entertain him. He so far doesn't look much like anyone other than himself, he's got a diverse background just like his brother, part Italian, French and Irish and half Jamaican.

Both of my boys live with me full time. They don't know their fathers which is a long story that I might get into one day, but for now the most important thing is my boys are surrounded by love, they have good male and female infuences in their lives (male being my grandpa, dad and brother, female being my nan, grandma, mom, me, my sister and my other sister) and they know that there will always be someone there for them.

For this year I've moved back in with my family. Theres a lot of us in the house, but it makes it easier on me, Mister M has people to play with, a computer to use and his own room (which I will post picures of later because it rocks!), so I don't feel as guilty being with D-man all the time, he's breastfed so it takes a lot of my attention.

I've breastfed/am breastfeeding both of my boys, I'm not one to pontificate but it's something I enjoy doing, it's come easy to me and it's healthy (my kids are tanks lol). I make homemade food as much as I can (mainly because it's cheaper, and tasty) and try to live on a strict budget, right now we're pretty poor, but once I'm done school hopefully that will change.

Thats about it for now, hopefully it wasn't too boring, and now that you have some insight into who we are you'll want to keep reading!!!


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