Saturday, December 18, 2010

Clean house? Yeah right...

I need a maid... it's crazy how I can spend hours cleaning, and the second my back is turned it's a mess again.
Take today for example, toys all over the living room, Christmas decoration boxes scattered, and for some reason 7 of Mister M's socks. Pick it all up, vaccum, tidy the things that are supposed to be in the living room, finished.
Go to buy stuff for dinner and meet up with a friend for lunch and by the time I come back, the cat has puked right in the middle of the room, there are toys on the floor again, and another 2 socks.
I just want a clean living room so I can look at my tree and enjoy Christmas morning without a mess (and to look good in pictures). Well for now, at least, its nice.

Onto more exciting news... D-man has found his toes! He's thrilled, and likes to grab them during every diaper change, it is so cute. He talks to them too.

Mister M has passed his second level of swimming lessons, and will be starting the third level and an art class in the new year. Hopefully he'll love it as much as I think he will. I think I'm going to sign him up for some form of martial arts too, he loves to try out new moves and that on his own, I think a class will be exciting for him.

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