Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Stupid Winter

I hate winter. The End.

No seriously I can't stand the half hour getting everyone ready, getting angry with stupid boot linings, and snowpant straps, fighting with hats and mits and then being outside for 10 minutes and freezing anyways.
I walk Mister M to school every other day (he's in the Mon/Wed classes) and its brutal. By the time we get out the door we're both angry after getting everything on and fighting with clothes that our walks are him whining and me grumping.
At least in the spring and fall it's nice enough out that if we're running a little late it doesn't matter all that much because we just have to throw on some shoes and head out the door.

Now with the little D-man it's even harder, he hates his hat, hates the stroller, hates not being able to see but also hates not being ablet to breathe in the wind, lol I just can't win.

To be fair though, winter can be fun. I love watching their faces when they see the snow falling. I love having snowball fights and making forts and angels with Mister M. This year we'll finally get to use the toboggan that he got for Christmas last year and never got to use. I love coming in from the cold and having homemade cookies and hot chocolate, and I love love love love love kissing cold cheekies, I just love it!!!

I guess it isn't all that bad (I'd still rather be a snow bird and head to the south of Italy for the winter though.... I'd also love to win the lottery lol).

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