Saturday, June 25, 2011

Start of summer

Well it's almost summer vacation here! Mister M has two days left of kindergarten and then he's done until September!We don't really have much planned this summer, we like to take it easy and just chill. And since this summer I'm on Mat leave it's going to be even more relaxed.
We've already done a few things though. Gone for some country drives in the new car to see the baby cows/horses/sheep. Gone to the beach! Yeah, you read that right... we we're actually swimming in the lake the last day of May, how awesome is that?!?!?We've done a super fun trip to the Toronto Zoo as well. We went up on the GO train, spent the day there, and then spent the night in a hotel. Mister M loved it! D-Man wasn't as impressed, he didn't like sharing a room with his brother but not sharing a bed. I think he was a little scared to wake up in a strange place
I think for the rest of the summer we're just going to keep it simple. A few day trips to Toronto, another trip to the Toronto Zoo, a trip to the Bowmanville Zoo, and our annual vacation to Niagara Falls for three days and two nights.
On the college front. I've paid my OSAP deferral fee! Now all I've got to do is scrape together $190.00 for a parking pass, and find a stupid Notary Public to sign my effing affidavit. It's so freaking hard to find one in this town, it's driving me crazy!!!!!

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