Tuesday, July 31, 2012


We've had an eventful summer in regards to animals around our house.

Mister M has a new pet hamster, which seems to be thriving (all other ones we used to have in Toronto never lived longer than 3 months). D-Man has two goldfish that we can't kill no matter what we do to them, so they're a perfect first pet lol.

We've been babysitting on the odd weekend, my best friends dog. She's a 6 year old Pug named Vayda and the boys just love her to bits.
We've also got a 14 year old tabby cat named Goblin. She's a duchess, a grand dame of a lady who knows her stuff, and still tolerates the kids, but will hide when she's had enough. She's very awesome, and a good pet for boys to have (and easy for mama to take care of lol)

We used to have two cats. The big 14 year old, and Mister M's kitten Tootsie. She was 4 years old, and a dwarf. She's had health problems since she was born but it never seemed to bother her before. But just last month the landlord accidentally let her out of the house, and because of her dwarfism she wasn't fixed so she went into heat and ran around with some boy cats.... and we all know how that works. She got pregnant.

But, her body was too small to carry the kittens so they miscarried, but... there were complications. She got sick, very very very sick.


Her uterus didn't expell the aborted fetuses and they rotted. Her uterus was filled with puss and leaking all over the place. She was dehydrated and sick.

I took her into the emergency vet ($130 later) and was told they could do the surgery to remove the uterus for a price of $2000+ but there was less than a 30% chance of survival, and she woulnd't live much more than a year or two afterwords. Or we could do the humaine thing, and put her down.

Hardest thing I've had to do. I had to go to my oldest, and tell him that his kitty, that he's had since he was 2 was dying. And that we had to take her back to the vet and put her to sleep so she wouldn't hurt anymore.

He cried, I cried, the baby had no idea what was happening and thought we were all nuts.

We took her back to the vet, and I went into the room with her. She was so sick she didn't even fight when they laid her down on the table to administer the needle.

I held her head and she was looking right at me, and then just like that she was gone.

We brought her home and burried her in the backyard. Mister M even had a homemade paving stone to mark her grave.

We miss her.

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