Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Ooops, worst blogger ever!

Argh so yet again I suck at blogging. I've got tons and tons to update everyone on so this post will just be playing catch up, then I'll do some more about specifics :) So, it's the middle of summer vacation. Mister M is adapting well to not being at school, although I wish I had a bit more money to send him to a camp or something, I think he'd really like that. D-Man is still in daycare so that isn't a change for him at all.
I've been working a variety of jobs, as a Field Guide at a berry farm, a private home care PSW and most recently as a technical support advisor for a computer company who shall remain nameless :) I always said I'd never go back to working at a call centre, but this isn't too bad, I like the people, the job actually doesn't suck and I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, I'll be finished school in a year and a half! So come September 2013 I'll be writing my provincial exams and should be a RPN by October!!!!! Sooooo excited lol, now just keep fingers crossed that I'll pass everything lol. We're now totally settled into our new place, and even know some of the neighbours. We really lucked out and the people who live behind/beside us (we're on the corner) are a single mom and her two sons, aged 8 and 6. Mister M is thrilled, he finally has friends his own age to play will all the time, and they always make sure to include D-Man too which I think is amazing of them.
Some exciting things are happening with me on a personal level too, I might have met someone that I can start a relationship with. He's taking it slow because of me (MAJOR COMITTMENT ISSUES HERE) but he's coming down this weekend to meet my kids, and see how that goes. I've never introduced anyone to the boys before so it's something pretty serious. Hopefully they all like eachother, if not, my kids come first. But I figure if I like him, then the boys will. Mister M is the important one, D-Man doesn't really care yet but since it effects them both this is a big step in our lives. The man, I'll call him R for now, is a bit older than me, I'm 24 and he's 36. He has three kids that he gets every other weekend (and during the week too if they want, he's got a decent relationship with their mother). The kids are all older 15,11 and 8. He has his own home, care and a good job which is important to me, I don't want to support someone else I've already got two men who depend on me for everything. I'm excited to see where this will go! I'll keep you posted. The next blog will be more about all of our summer fun so far, we've managed to cram a lot in there in a few short weeks for sure! Until then... take care :)

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