Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Summer fun 2012!

So like I mentioned before, it's the middle of summer vacation and we've already done a lot of fun stuff! I bought and built my very first barbeque, so exciting lol. I've got a nice deck, and now I have patio furniture, a bbq and everything I need to entertain back there (other than the time lol). I'm very excited about it!
We've done lots and lots of fun beach trips, and trips to the wading pool near our house too, the boys are so tanned it's hillarous. They look like they're wearing skin coloured shorts when they're in the bath because of their tan lines.
We've managed to spend a lot of time with friends, going out for dinners, entertaining at our place, the usual. It's so nice to finally be able to have people over without any problems, when I lived in Toronto I hardly ever got to see my friends, and now that we all have places, cars and jobs it makes everything a lot more fun lol.
The boys and I have gone on some day trips too, the best one was the Toronto Zoo. They both loved it and we had a blast! D-Man is getting to the age where he knows his animals and likes to see them. We even got to see a lot of them up close which doesn't happen usually. They also got to touch sting rays and sharks, and play in the splash pad! I'm hoping to be able to get back there before it gets too cold, maybe for the Halloween experience, we'll see :)
I love having a car now! It's so nice to be able to decide at the last minute to just pack up and go to Toronto for fun things like the zoo and not worry about train and bus schedules. I don't know how I ever managed without one.
We've got to go to some local fairs too, we go to the Quaker Oats Picnic every year with my grandmother (she worked there for 35 years) which is always fun, the boys like it, although this year Mister M didn't have as much fun because he didn't have anyone to ride the rides with and D-Man was too small to be able to do a lot of them, but I'm hoping to take Mister M to Wonderland by the end of the month just the two of us, so he'll get to do everything. I haven't been in years and years so I'm quite excited too.

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