Wednesday, April 6, 2011


So as anyone who reads my blog knows I'm pretty boring. I stay at home with my boys, I'm poor, I'm not yet finished school, I love math, I don't drink, smoke or party, I'm dull.
But it has its benefits. As of today, I have 0 credit card debt (I do have a credit card, it's just all paid off), all my bills are paid on time, in full, and I have less than $7000 in student debt (which since I'm going back to school in Sept, I'm not too worried about yet). I've also got $3106.06 saved up for a car (I'll have $4000 saved up by May 20th, so I'll be purchasing it some time soon after!!!!). I've also got my budget completely figured out for the next year or so. Which will allow me to 1)Purchase the car, 2)Take my boys to Niagara Falls on vacation again this summer and 3)Pay for our trip to Jamaica next February!!!!
It's pretty exciting actually, I've never been on a plane and I'm 23, the boys haven't either, and I think we might be bringing my mom with us, which will be nice, because she hasn't done much traveling, and was a stay at home mom with us for years and years, so didn't get the chance to do much of anything lol.

My Boys and their Nana (my mom)

I've also gone through my mom's finances and put together a three year budget plan. Using an average amount she gets per pay cheque, how much she owes for bills/debts/loans ect I've been able to get her debt (other than mortgage) free in two years, get her enough savings for a new (to her at least) car, and get her enough money saved up so her and my dad can go to Europe in a couple years for their 50th birthdays/30th wedding anniversary (which will both take place in 2013). Now all I've got to do is listen to her whine and complain that I'm mean because I won't let her spend money on useless stuff anymore and it's all good lol.
So I suppose being boring, and homey is a good thing sometimes, less money spent at the bar/going out with friends means more money to spend on my boys, a vacation, and a nicer car for me!

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