Monday, April 18, 2011


I'm thinking about trying to post once a week. I had all good intentions of posting more often but I've evidently failed lol. My life is just too boring at the moment I suppose. So starting now I'm going to try to post something new every Monday and see how well I do with that.
Onto todays post!!!
So we've reached some milestones around here, Mister M is reading all the time now, and is learning to tie his shoes (he's only had velcro until now due to the styles being cooler lol). He's also started to pick up after himself without being asked!!! D-Man can clap his hands, sit on his own, pull up to sitting, go from sitting to laying on his tummy without bonking his head and can say a few words "hi, papa, baaa (which means ball) and broovverrr (which means brother)". Brother was his first word actually, he still hasn't said Mama yet though :(

So it's easter weekend this weekend, we don't do much normally but this year it's going to be busy. We're heading down to Toronto on Saturday for a photoshoot (weather permitting)so I'm trying to figure out outfits for us all to wear. Something that looks good together, doesn't make me look pregnant still and is durable enough to survive the train trip down and the subway there. I'll head out to H&M and Old Navy tomorrow and see what I can find I suppose.
We're also doing my sisters 18th birthday dinner on the Sunday, and then maybe Easter dinner on the Friday or Monday (lasagna again this year I think). For the egg hunt I've got some pretty awesome ideas. I'm going to take those plastic eggs and fill them up with different things for the boys, candy, small toys, washcloths, loonies stuff like that. Mister M doesn't eat very much candy (just threw out his halloween stuff yesterday actually) so it's a waste to hide only chocolate. It should be fun!

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