Monday, February 28, 2011


I have decided to become a scrapbooker! I'm a complete and utter failure at keeping baby books updated with all the facts and dates. So after doing some research I think the best way for me to keep track of all the memories that matter most is to scrap them and journal them. I've just started getting my first couple of pages done. When I finish I'll post some pictures for sure!
In other news we've got teeth! Both Mister M and D-Man have been working on the bottom front two teeth, and I'm pleased to say they have come through! D-Man is still grouchy though so I'm thinking he's getting the top two teeth too, we'll see.

We're going to be pretty busy this spring. Mister M is taking two swimming lessons, an art class, a dance class and T-Ball, and D-Man and I are starting Mommy and me lessons every Saturday. It should be fun, the past couple of weeks while Mister M is in his lessons we've been getting close to the water to watch, and D-Man is loving it. He's a huge fan of splashing in the bath so this should be pretty fun for him.
While bathing suit shopping though I came to the realization that I need to get my butt in gear and drop the rest of the pregnancy pounds, and get into shape. So I've signed up for Weight Watchers Online (I'd never go to a meeting), I'm on day two and so far I've stuck to my points, only going 2 over (we had doughnuts...) but I made them up with cleaning my house and playing with my boys, so it's all good. Hopefully I'll be able to lose the weight fast enough that I don't get discouraged. I'd like to be able to buy new jeans that fit right and don't look like mom jeans lol. I'll keep updating on my progress as I go. Now just to get back into doing my workout... Wish me luck!

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