Friday, January 13, 2012

Semester 2!

So I've now finished the first three weeks of Semester 2. This program has a pretty heavy course load, but I'm finally working at the Hospital so it's sooooooo much nicer!
I have class Mondays from 8am-12pm, an hour break, 1-3pm, an hour break and then 4-5pm (communications, which I loathe, but it's an easy credit and I have no choice lol). Tuesdays I'm off! Wednesdays I've got clinical at the hospital on the dialysis unit from 7am-7pm, it should be pretty interesting! Thursdays I've got class from 8am-12pm, a two hour break then class from 2-5pm. Finally on Friday I've got class from 10-11am a two hour break and then class from 1-5pm. (Classes are a mix of lectures, seminars and labs). It's going to be fun come exam time.... :(
In total I'm taking 8 different classes. The labs are pretty fun, skills lab is great, we get to learn and practice everything before we have to do it on real patients, mandatory pass for tests and exams though, if you flunk one you're out of the program.Mister M is back at school and he is loving it. He has had some issues at his after school program though. There is a little girl (a year or so older than he) who is a bully. She's been calling him chubby, and making up rhymes about him. It's gotten worse with winter because he has a puffy coat to keep warm and she's an obnoxious little brat and uses that as fodder. I finally had enough and went to talk to the program ladies. They had no idea, so they said they would keep an eye on it (back in November). It started up again, but this time Mister M was brave and was able to tell the ladies himself (with some support from mama bear of course). They had a meeting with the brat and Mister M and it seems to have resolved itself. I'm still keeping a close eye on the situation though. I will not tolerate a bully of any sort... especially one who's targeting my kid. D-Man has finally completely accepted his daycare lot in life. He fusses when I drop him off but there are almost no more tears, and he's made some little friends which is super cute too. He's starting to talk more now, and clearly. I was a little surprised by how long it's taken him to start, Mister M was talking at 6 months old (didn't crawl or walk until after 1 though) and D-Man is way more physical. He still babbles a lot, but he's getting real words in there now!
I'm pretty sure I've lost my mind... I went out, and as a spur of the moment surprise bought the boys a drum set and a guitar... it's loud lol. They love it, Mister M is the guitarist and D-Man the drummer, they have quite the little jam sessions!We're moving March 1st!!! (well we get the keys then, but we'll be in Jamaica until the 4th lol). We've found an awesome house to rent! It's got three bedrooms, kitchen, living and dining room. Full bathroom, backyard, deck and GARAGE!!! It's a side split house, so the basement has a small two piece bathroom, storage, laundry room, back entrance and rec room which we are turning into a bachelor apartment for my brother. He'll share the kitchen and shower with us, and I'll share the laundry and storage with him. It's perfect, and the landlords are awesome. The rent is good too considering we get a whole house (and rent in Peterborough is on par with Toronto for some reason) $1280++ a month which I've budgeted to be about $1700 a month (any extras going into the emergency fund). I can't wait to get in and start decorating! The landlords even said they would pay for all the paint and supplies if we do the work which is perfect! The only downside is it's across town from where we are now, putting us out of Mister M's school zone, but since I drive him there and back every day I don't see how him staying there would be a problem.

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