Sunday, December 18, 2011

End of Sem 1 and start of Xmas!

Semester 1 is finally over! It was brutal, class from 8-3 Monday, Tuesday, class from 8-4 Wednesday and placement Thursday and Friday from 6am-2pm. And of course final exams were all pretty much on the same day lol. I don't think I did too bad, I went into everything already passing the course, so that's not the issue. But I want Dean's list, which means I need an 80% average, which is my usual lowest mark, but now with the two kids and the stress from my family being stupid and useless it's been harder to study. We'll see next week!
The boys and I have been getting ready for Christmas, still have some outside decorating to do later today, but since this global warming thing keeps happening, there' no snow!!! Since I live in central Ontario we usually have some by now, but I'm not complaining. If there is no snow all year that would be perfect for me!D-Man has been really good with the tree, he had some grabs at it while we were decorating, but since then hasn't touched it. I'm really impressed since he's pretty evil and usually does the opposite of whatever you ask him to do (which bodes well for the teenage years). Mister M has picked out our decorating colours this year, we usually do red and gold but he has decided that they aren't' christmassy enough so this year it's red and green, with a splash of gold.I'm sending the boys to daycare all next week so that I have some time to get the presents wrapped, clean the house, do my baking and try to get over this brutal cold that I managed to fight off until school was over, but is now attempting to kill me.I don't have my full schedule for next semester, but from what I can see it's pretty dumb, huge breaks in between classes, staying until 5pm most days, two days of placement at a hospital, I'm hoping for the one in town but my luck I'll be sent to the one 45 minutes away. We shall see I suppose.I'm going to be posting a bit more this week, tons of news to catch up on!

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