Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Reading Week!!!!

It's finally reading week!!!I really needed the break, although I'm not sure how much of a break it really is. I've got a crazy amount of stuff to do. I've gone one more research essay to write (I've already done 2) and studying to do for school, plus I've got to do about 600 loads of laundry because I've let it pile up, and I'm also going through and washing/sorting the boys old clothes so I can sell/donate them.. I've also got to continue with redecorating my parents house so they can list it in the spring, and since I'm apparently the only one who can do anything around here it makes it a bit harder. And that doesn't even take into account spending time with my boys.... egads that's a lot to do in a week. .We finally had some nice days last weekend (first time in months it hasn't been raining it seems) so I took my sister AuntyM, Mister M and D-Man to the pumpkin patch. It was a blast, there was a corn maze, a hay ride, a spooky barn, farm animals, a pumpkin cannon, a picnic and we got to go to the patch and pick our own pumpkins for Halloween! The boys had a blast! When we got home from the pumpkin patch we decided to get all of our Halloween decorating done. We really like to do a lot, it's Mister M's favourite time of the year for decorations. He loves it when we make our yard super spooky and cool. This year we've got a cemetery, a crime scene with a glowing skull and hands, three spider webbed trees, bones all over the place, the front door is covered in webs and caution tape and spiders, and the piece de resistance is the giant blow up spider in the front yard. It's pretty awesome! Too bad we hardly get any kids trick-or-treating.
Oh well, more candy for Mama lol. I'm hoping to be able to get a couple more blog posts up before reading week is over (provided I have anything to talk about that is), but for now it's research essays on an ethical issue in nursing practice for me! Yippee... ;)

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